Sunday, November 3, 2013

To the Good and the Bad

Life can be crazy sometimes. 


It can be at a moment impossibly good and horribly wrong at the next. 

But actually, life does not only tip to one side of the scale... is a balance between the good things and the bad things. 


It is through the bad things that we learn and the good things are the ones pushing us forward. 
Wherever we may be and whoever we may become, we are shaped by the events in our lives. 
These events transform us into the person we are today. 

And yet, we are not alone in this. That's why we have people to back us up, be the support, the enemy, the people who care and we would care for. 

Things...happen for a reason. Whether it may be devastating or entirely uplifiting, we should be thankful for it's another opportunity to grow and another 'challenge accepted' achieved. That is why raise your glasses (or hands) and cheers to not only the goods but also the bads in life.

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