Friday, June 14, 2013

Love Me? Hate Me? I Don't Care: Gone Girl Book Review

Gone GirlGone Girl by Gillian Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Freakin' hell.

Suspense and mystery books are my favorite genres and I must say, this book has me hooked.
I love Jeffery Deaver and this fits the category of suspense that Deaver's books has given me. This book, however, has magnified something more: psychotic tendencies.

The story is about a couple: Nick and Amy Dunne. Both are married for five years. At the day of their fifth anniversary, Amy disappears; leaving the world to think 'Where has she gone?' or 'Was she killed?' and with the latter question comes the follow-up 'Who killed her?'

Gone Girl has touched upon a lot of issues particularly in an individual's psyche. People has this tendency to conform themselves to the ideas people have of them especially if that idea tells them to mold themselves to be perfect. In another case, it can also be to escape that preconception of the person. The lengths done in order to ensure either of the cases presented above can go overboard depending on the elements in play all throughout the person's life. The consequences manifest itself in the person's way of thinking and in his/her actions.

Another thing presented in the book is self-gratification. In line with the former point above, when a person grasps the mold that has been presented to them all his/her life, he will do everything to fit that mold. Once he/she succeeds, he will feel gratified. If the mold is negative, self-fulfilling prophecy occurs as that person believes that he can do nothing to change the mold presented to him/her.

Personally, this book has creeped me out. The lengths people will do to achieve and pacify is quite scary. What makes this book get a 5-star rating from me is how it is written as well as the very plot itself. Seeing from both sides of the spouse has me confused on who to support and who to hate: on who's right from who's wrong. The story building up from the beginning right until the very end keeps its readers hooked and as for me? The time I reach the last page of the book, I feel like grabbing a pillow and placing it on my mouth as I scream. Why? Read the book and find out.

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