Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Recently, there are a lot, and I mean a LOT of singers flocking the internet site Youtube. Some may be so-so but there are those that no words of mine can really describe as of now. Two of my favorites are: 
from youtube
 Sam Tsui. A 24-year old American from Blue Bell who graduated from Yale University last 2011 with a degree in Classical Greek and was magna cum laude. Along with Kurt Schneider (which will be featured in this post as well later on), they produce covers such as their latest, Clarity originally by Zedd. They also produced originals such as Don't Want An Ending, Start Again and their latest, Me Without You. He also guested in several talk shows of Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

from madilynbailey.com
Madilyn Bailey. A 20-year old who came from Wisconsin. Madilyn, like Sam, has been covering famous songs such as Stay by Rihanna, Don't You Worry Child by the Swedish House Mafia and more. She also produced her original music such as her latest, Crescent of the Moon. 

Part of Sam's success would have not been possible without this guy
Kurt Schneider. Kurt produced a lot of videos with Youtube singers Sam, Aimee Proal, Max Schneider and Christina Grimmie (and a lot more). Like Tsui, he graduated from Yale University and was also magna cum laude with a degree in mathematics. Coming also from Blue Bell, he went to the same high school as Sam. He also produced a mashup of Maroon 5's songs and Bruno Mars with singers Max Schneider and Victoria Justice and amassed millions of views.

These people are just some but are part of the most talented singers and producer on Youtube. Though they sang versions of the famous songs today, they do not mean to overthrow the original singers, as what commentators on their Youtube profiles had suggested. They have their own edge from the original singers that their subscribers found and came to love. 

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