Saturday, February 9, 2013

Advantages of Snagging That Guy/Girl

With Valentines nearing, people are quickly gunning up their courage and strategies to asking that person they like best out. When you get that much awaited and anticipated YES, fireworks explode and even before Valentines Day comes, you already got yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend. Congrats!

So, what is your advantage to those people who are celebrating their Valentines with their jammies, hoping to sleep the day off or those who will celebrate it with friends who have their own significant other? 

Here are the advantages that you can brag about:
First, finally you do not belong to those people who are categorized under 'forever alone'.
 After so many attempts, you finally get to snag that person you like. Hooray! From spending nights alone, you get someone to tag along with you to those events that being part of a couple is a requirement and have fun. Beats sitting at home watching movies or pigging out alone right?

 Second, you finally get a person who does not begrudgingly hand out gifts to you and mind, you get to receive gifts every month! You do not have to say to the person you want this or that, that person, because he/she loves you so much, will give you gifts that though may not be included in your wishlist (sorry, he/she doesn't have the budget to buy you that Lamborghini Mercy yet), will give you things you would truly appreciate. Nice huh?

 Lastly (for now), for girls, you get someone to carry your stuff for you! Yes, you are totally lugging your heavy baggage of a bag containing who knows what and who's better to ask than that guy who loves you so much he's willing to be your coat and bag hanger. Mind, he wouldn't complain and will even take care of your bag as if it's his!

 For guys, you will be able to have new clothes without having to spend a dime thanks to your lovely ladies. Now, you don't have to dole out your gaming budget just because you're already out of inner wear or polos. Hooplah for you!

So, do you agree with the advantages above? Want to snag that guy/girl you've been dreaming of for sometime now?

Well, let me tell you this.


Yea, I already can see your indignation with regards to what I've said. Who knows, maybe you're already calling that person up until you saw the largest line above.But seriously, you're going to jump into a relationship just because of those reasons. Believe me, you think you're inlove? YOU'RE NOT. 

Real love doesn't work like that. Loving/ being in a relationship with a person does not mean that you use him/her for your benefit. They are not objects, you know! just because they are willing to do stuff for you does not also mean that you can abuse them. Another point is that you love a person not only because of their good qualities (may it be physical or their characteristics) but the person him/herself. A professor of mine once told us that for instance, if you take away that person's good looks or his capabilities and you still like him, then that's love. The bottomline is that love the person for who he.she truly is that even when you take those qualities off him/her, you still love the person. 

Lastly, there is a reason why the quote "If you love them, set them free." was made. Loving a person entails sacrifice. If you want what's best for the person, sometimes you got to let them go. A good example of this is a child getting married. Though the parents may want for their child to stay with them forever, they can't tie the child up because he has the freedom to go and build his own family. Knowing what's good for them gives you the push you need to let go. When you let go, you give each other the chance to mature. When the time comes and you found someone and the reasons above are not your primary ones in courting/answering the person, then go ahead and go for it! 


  1. Well said, Michiella. I could not have conveyed the message better.

    A belated Valentine's toast of honour from me for this post! :P

  2. PS: And oh. I just shared this on my Facebook wall. More people should be reading what you write, and I can think of a few from my own circle of friends and acquaintances. Hope you do not mind. :p

    1. Sure. Thank you for sharing it! I hope to hear what they have to say regarding this. :)

  3. These are some great thoughts. I wish I saw them closer to Valentines Day, but better late than never. Keep posting this is good stuff.


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