Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cray cray for Unique Bread? Bread Story Offers you just that

Cray cray means crazy okay? Hoho.
Before Christmas vacation began, my friend Abby and I went to fellow blogger Laurice's sister's business which brings the scent of heaven that had my tummy both grumbling and excited.


I'm a girl that's head over heels in love with bread. That is why eating bread for me is a treat!

I present to you Bread Story
 Bread Story is an international bread store in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Australia and now, the Philippines.
Seaweed sushi
 During our eat out, I went for their bread that looks like a maki. The bread's named Seaweed Sushi. It's good actually. Who would have thought that bread can substitute for rice when making maki right? It tastes like one too. Inside, there is cucumber, corn, floss, and mayo wrapped in bread and nori.
My friend Abby and fellow blogger Laurice
Me and Abby
 For Abby, she got the chocolate filled bread named Chocolate Club. Apart from chocolate covering the top of the bread, the filling is also chocolate as well! She, being a lover of chocolate, said it tasted good. The chocolate filling tasting like ice cream, she took her time eating it while I already finished my Seaweed Sushi and was about to start on my second bread. (Talk about hungry, I know.)

For seconds, I had the Apple Crumble (on the right) and Abby had Hi Amigo (on the left). For my second bread, I like how  it doesn't taste too sweet and the apple bits inside are a little bit tart to combat the sweetness. It's better when served hot. For Abby's she wasn't able to say anything about it. As seen in the photo, it looks like pizza so maybe it tastes like it as well. Still, even when she was full from her first bread, she finished her second up so it could only mean it's good.

Will I go back again? Of course. Most of the bread I see in their menu are quite new to me and I want to taste them all. Also, Bread Story offers cookies, loaves, tarts and cakes as well. When we got there, it was only the second day of opening so there were still no cakes. As seen in their Facebook page, their cakes truly look good and I want to taste their tarts as well as their pandan loaf! Pricing is quite similar to BreadTalk, which makes it a good competitor to the established brand. Being a newcomer in the market, Bread Story holds a lot of promises and stories shared through a cup of coffee and exquisite breads.

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