Thursday, December 27, 2012

All About Books!

I like reading books. A lot. However, writing reviews about them? Err..not so much. To me, it's to each one's opinion of whether or not they would like the book although I have to admit, at times I look at other's reviews as well. Hence, I might as well try to write book reviews for the following reasons: 
1. To help fellow readers choose the best books out there.
2. To improve my writing more. Teehee
  In lieu of this, I might as well give out the way of how I will be reviewing the books I've read. Here are the criteria: 
 By the way, I won't be giving out numerical ratings since I will leave it up to you readers to rate the book with what you think the right rating for that book is. I'm just here to show you the good and bad side of the book and whether you're up to the challenge of picking it up and losing yourself in it. :)


  1. wow this is nice...I will to search that book that I have been wanting to read. I'll comeback here and comment the details.


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