Saturday, November 24, 2012

Voice Out

     Honestly, it is during college that I fully realize how important my voice is. Not only am I a Communications student, I also like to sing, talk and laugh with my friends. Today, I lost my voice due to cheering too much for my block but you know what? It was worth it. We won the competition! Thus, today, the half part of my body is aching quite bad and yet the euphoria I was feeling last night is still coursing in my veins. Not only that, my group writing a paper for UNIV will also be progressing to the nationals! Talk about achievements right? I'm not boasting or anything. I'm just really happy with the current events happening in my life. Who would have thought that past the ache I was feeling, such good things will come? Thank God for these positive things! Anyway, back to my voice. 

     I wasn't really a talkative person but boy do I miss talking without having to clear my throat every time. Today, my throat's really itchy and a little bit painful. I just hope I didn't do any damage to my voice or else I won't be able to sing well anymore. After screaming so much yesterday, I'm really scared that I might have damaged my vocal cords somehow but I hope not. I like singing so much that losing the ability to sing frightens me. I might not have a good singing voice but still, I like to sing. Anyhoo, I want to keep a positive outlook and hopefully I won't lose my voice.  

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