Saturday, November 24, 2012

Keeping the Mind Awake

     I remember my aunts telling me that in order to keep a sharp mind, they play crosswords. What I like most about this is that every time I see a newspaper inside their home, the crossword puzzle's always filled out. I look into the words and most of them are words that are totally not in my vocabulary. It's fun to look at these words because it opens up my vocabulary even more. I tried answering crosswords before but all the words I am ever going to get are around 2-3 max. I keep thinking if my aunts do have dictionaries in their heads that they haven't mentioned. I really recommend crosswords to all because it really can be quite challenging because the word you may think would fit the clue, cannot fit the boxes! Then, you must think of another word that will fit both description and the number of boxes. Also, it helps broaden your vocabulary because, depending on the difficulty, totally unheard-of words may appear. 
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     However, crosswords are not the only activity that can help you sharpen your memory. There are a lot of games actually that can help. Sudoku, Scrabble, Chess and a lot more stimulate those neurons inside your head and gets your gears into action. These games are not boring because of the following reasons:
  • They challenge the mind. These games may not be a physical activity but instead, what is getting worked out is your brain so it's still a win situation. 
  • It is a good past time. When you are just lazying around at work or at home, you can just grab a newspaper and start answering the puzzles. In a way, it's both relaxing and a learning experience. 
  •  Bragging rights. Yes, you read it right. Not a lot of people are motivated to finish a crossword puzzle especially if it is really hard. But no matter what, if you persevere, you can finish one. Just think of it, others would just quit and you're the only one left sitting down with the pen still poised to write more and fill up those boxes. 
  • You can make it a competition. You can invite friends to play with you and the winner gets a prize. In a way, you can bond with others while still managing to work your mind out. 
Just because people will tell you that such things are for adults, they are wrong. That's why there are difficulties presented for each age group. These activities help the mind work out and keep awake. 

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  1. Good on ya for getting into crosswords. I find them hard because my vocab is terrible. Sure to find some new fancy words in your future blog posts!


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