Monday, October 29, 2012

Clean-Up Reminisce

Cleaning up can be very tedious and yet exciting. As you sort up piles ane piles of supposedly trash, out of it all you would discover interesting things from the past. As we are cleaning, we happen to find countless magazines, old letters to my brothers, old letters of my brothers, countless receipts, movie tickets since 2005 and the oldest of all is my dad's address book filled with sweet words towards my mom dating back 1979.

Looking at those, it showed their lives back then and what kind of persons my family was. It also showed another side of them, especially my father, that I was not accustomed to. Seeing his letters to my mom, it made me realize just from where my siblings and I got our love for writing from. It also made me realize that though we show a tough side to others, we are certified suckers when expressing ourselves especially with words. Those letters just showed how we really are not that outspoken with our feelings and we can only express them when a sheet of paper or at the back of a notebook is present.

Looking at old stuff can truly bring back memories. Not only does it help you remember the past, but it also helps you learn about those around you more. It gives you a whole new perspective to what kind of person they truly are. Who knew that cleaning up can do that?

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