Monday, October 29, 2012

Clean-Up Reminisce

Cleaning up can be very tedious and yet exciting. As you sort up piles ane piles of supposedly trash, out of it all you would discover interesting things from the past. As we are cleaning, we happen to find countless magazines, old letters to my brothers, old letters of my brothers, countless receipts, movie tickets since 2005 and the oldest of all is my dad's address book filled with sweet words towards my mom dating back 1979.

Looking at those, it showed their lives back then and what kind of persons my family was. It also showed another side of them, especially my father, that I was not accustomed to. Seeing his letters to my mom, it made me realize just from where my siblings and I got our love for writing from. It also made me realize that though we show a tough side to others, we are certified suckers when expressing ourselves especially with words. Those letters just showed how we really are not that outspoken with our feelings and we can only express them when a sheet of paper or at the back of a notebook is present.

Looking at old stuff can truly bring back memories. Not only does it help you remember the past, but it also helps you learn about those around you more. It gives you a whole new perspective to what kind of person they truly are. Who knew that cleaning up can do that?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hello Once More!

Finally, after spending so many sleepless nights dedicating them all to schoolwork, I now have the chance once more to fill these spaces with my thoughts, opinions, happenings, etc. I really can't say that I'm thrilled but I am really overjoyed that I can write not because it's required but just for the sake of writing.

Though I really can't say I'm on sembreak yet. I still have one more major, not related to academic, paper to go. Even so, I have been celebrating happy days with a lot of people. So, yeah. :))

I'm still at the door of sembreak, holding the knob but still quite not turning it. Hope that by the end of this week, I get to enter and explore its wonders.

Cheers! Cool eh?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Never Forgotten: Passed and Lived on

To cap of my recent semester, here's a reflection paper on one of my class. I am sharing it to the world because I want people to realize something: that what you learn in school should not remain only on its four walls but should be spread out and acknowledged by others.


With the end of another semester, it is once more a make it or break it situation. Students stressed and anxious to know whether they passed the semester that ended. Once the students see that they passed, a lot rejoice for having survived another semester of their university year. By the start of the second semester, minds are, at times, almost wiped clean of the teachings from the past semester in order to make room for new learning the coming semester to cram their minds with. However, there are certain lessons during the past semester that is and should be carried on, not only on to the next semester, but for the rest of their lives. There are indeed subjects where the lessons learned can be lived out of the classroom and should be imbued into our lives.
One such subject is ethics. Our professor told us from the very beginning that it is a practical subject; it is to be applied in real life. Indeed, this is true. Ethical actions are easy to act out since man already has the knowledge of what is good and bad. However, with the recent situation of the world, being ethical is getting harder and at times being ethical is easier said than done. A lot of issues these days instill doubts on people; thus, they do not know whether their act is ethically good or not. Before the course, I am also confused with certain issues and through this course, even the smallest unethical ones are revealed. One case is the actions with a double effect. I never knew that once an action has a good and bad effect, there are certain conditions that need to be considered. Through this subject, these confusions are more or less cleared and the big question is: with these things in mind, are we prepared to live it out in our daily lives? As persons who sought out self-fulfillment, we should keep to what’s ethical.
In light of this, the lessons from this course should not only remain theoretical but should be practiced. That is what ethics is: a practical course. Since man, in his nature, already knows the essence of ethics, this course serves to refresh to man the actions proper to his nature as well as help others attain self-fulfillment as well. Such lessons in life should not be forgotten: it is the way we all could develop for the good. In my opinion, that is how men would be able to flourish and with their flourishing, the community may prosper.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sway by Bic Runga Cover

Thanks so much for the encouragement peeps!
Right now, I still am in the midst of drowning in university requirements but soon I'd be victorious and a survivor of this sem's hardships. Thank you so much for the comments. It really helped me. Hoho :3

For now, here's another cover from a really frustrated singer. I'm really sorry that I got the timing off and even the lyrics wrong as well. Credits to the background sound. So, here:
Sway cover