Saturday, August 4, 2012

Staying Positive, Keeping Positive: How To Get Through A Tough Day

     These days, I have been feeling really down because of certain events and at times, it really gets to me and by the end of the day, I feel very sad. I can't do anything right and by the end, I just sit down and stare into space. However, I was going through my planner, I found this step of managing stress and I decided to try it out:

Take perspective, express gratitude: Identify three to five things to be grateful for daily (even the smallest things count). While stressful moments are demoralizing and can make you feel like the world is ending, you have surely gone through many more uplifting moments. Be thankful for those.

     Having read this, I immediately jotted down the happy things that happened that day, and indeed! It does help uplift the spirit since you would have never thought that there are still good things that can come up from such a bad day. As such, I always do this step every day, whether I'm experiencing  a bad or a good one, in order for me to keep on having a positive outlook on life and to not let that day bring me down. 

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  2. Hey Camille,

    (I've already read your "About Me" section haha.)

    It seems like you've reach the point in life when you realise that there will just be times when things just doesn't work the way you want it to be.

    Life is literally like a bed of roses. Anyone who loves to sleep on a rosebush knows that he can't have the flowers without the thorns. (Lol) xD

    This is something that some will find hard to swallow, but that's part and parcel of life... and from the way I see it, you are doing great in coping with it.

    Keep it up. =)

    If you have been reading my side of the story, you know that you were not the only one who is feeling down and worn out after a tough day.

    If school and university is bad, just wait till you start working, especially if you are thinking of stepping into the corporate world.

    That's where I am standing now.

    I always thought that writing is something that I am good at. In fact, writing's the only thing I got.

    At first, everything seemed to fall apart when I stepped into the corporate world and began my job as a Copywriter two months ago - working in a fast-paced environment with prominent and demanding companies. I find my passion challenged, and things were so down that I just feel like not wanting to get up anymore to face the morning.

    There are so many things to work out and so many people to look out for. I was glad that I have good bosses and colleagues - else I would have ended myself up worse. But at the end of the day, I just can't help but feeling tired and not wanting to do anything at all.

    I fell, and I feel like not wanting to get up anymore.

    But life does not work that way. It's either you get up and sort it out, or you stay low and let everyone else leave you behind - because life goes on.

    Am not here to demoralise you or anything. I don't expect sympathy either. As long as I am not willing to get up on my own knees, there's no point to it. Rather, am here to prepare you for the days to come - so that you will learn and gain the maturity to be able to overcome and outgrow yourself with every obstacle, and bloom into a fine woman that colours the life of others with your optimistic and positive attitude. God knows where will I end up after this. Am not even sure whether will I even make it through the probation period... but your path is for your own to take.

    For now, what you are doing is good. Again, I commend you. =) But remember, life tends to be harsher as you grow older, and I pray that when the time comes, you will be prepared to face it - and learning what it truly means by living life to the fullest.

    Take care, alright? Looking forward to hear more from you in the future. =)

    The night wind blows.

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver

  3. I couldn't have read this at a better time. I've been feeling incredibly stressed lately. Thanks, just reading this helped. :)

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    -Grace :)


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