Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Whirlwind Thoughts!

     These past few days, my mind has a lot of stuff inside it. From blog topics to university stuff, to my friends, family, my love for music (especially singing) and of course, God. 

     I really don't know how I would be able to manage my time anymore although I don't want to give up on anything, my mind just wants to shut down and be on hiatus mode for a while. But I guess that's my problem. It goes on hiatus mode by itself! :))
     Although these past few days, a lot, well not really a lot but rather significant, events keep on happening. For me, the happiest day that I had was when I got to spend quality time with a friend of mine. When we spend time together, it's as if nothing matters anymore than the stuff we do (on my point of view). I just feel really happy when I'm with this friend of mine. That's why at times, I hang out with this friend when I don't have much to do or rather I finished doing everything I needed to do because if I don't I would end up cramming, like now! Still, spending time with that friend of mine really makes me feel happy and makes  me forget the blues that I felt. Don't get me wrong, I don't use my friend to chase the blues away, it's just that whenever I'm with that person, the sad moments that may have happened before hanging out with my friend would take a back seat and we would create this bubble of happiness that, I don't know, some may sense as well but misunderstand. 

    Yeah, I know, this post is kind of random but in order to commit myself to my goal, which is to blog at least twice a week, I decided to post this anyway. At least this gives you my dears something to read about in the meantime while I fix my beautiful schedule and come up with a systematic one where I can integrate a "blogging time day" into. Cheerio!


  1. Great. =)

    I will be looking forward for your next updates then.

    Remember to find your pace in blogging, and make sure you are comfortable with the momentum you are going. To be burnt out would be the last situation you would want to find yourself in.

    Instead of automatically publish your blogpost when you are done, you can opt to set a schedule for it to be published on a later time instead to help you pace yourself (yes, you can do this in Blogger). I find this very handy, and if you have never used this before, I know you will find this useful too. =)

    Alright. All the best with your blog.

    Take care, and see you around in Bloggeries.

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver

    1. Thank you so much for this tip! Yeah, I do get the feeling that I'd burn out of ideas if I post them immediately. This is really helpful. Thank you! :)


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