Saturday, July 14, 2012

Theater Production 1: Little Dolls

This activity was done some time ago but I feel like posting about it. Anyway, for this activity, we were given this dialogue and we need to formulate two situations. Here is the dialogue:
Friend 1: I said I would be here to meet you.
Friend 2: What do you want?
Friend 1: Come on. We can still be friends, can't we?
Friend 2: After all this time, did you really think that we could just carry on as before?
Friend 1: If I'd known, I would have never asked you in the first place.
For our group, we decided to act out the scene with Summer acting out as a little girl playing with her dolls (me in the pink shirt and Jaz in the green one). She reminisces her childhood friend through her dolls but since she never got to settle the conflict between her and her friend, she shows this by throwing the other doll aside.
Here is a photo of us:
The other situation is that of a person talking to her shadow. Em acted out that part with Reih voicing over.
Overall, this activity is really fun. I learned a lot from doing this and from watching the other performances as well. I'm looking forward to future activities in this class as well. For this year, this class is one of my favorite ones.

The whole gang.

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