Sunday, July 15, 2012

Numbers Are Not All That Matters

     These days, I feel like being able to see two or three-digit numbers signify something great like popularity. Honestly, I was starting to get sucked into the same situation as well but having read one post made me stop from my tracks. Why do numbers matter? It's the ideas/opinions you contribute that count, right? 

      Numbers are just an indicator of people who view what you do as important or worthy of their time. But for those who plead to sites just to up these numbers, it kind of beats the whole point of doing that thing. You do something in order to be happy and not because people would admire you for it. People have different views and if they don't view it as interesting the way you do, then there is nothing you can do. However, that does not stop you from doing the thing you love the most. It is your life and as long as you are not trampling down on anyone, keep on continuing towards that path. Remember, be true to yourself and don't change into someone the complete opposite of the real you just so you can be accepted easily  into any social cliques. Nothing beats being true to yourself and embrace this because you are you. You do not conform your life for others however, if you are going to change, change for the good.

     Numbers are numbers. Don't let them rule your life. Life is not a competition where you brag about having the most number of friends, cars, houses, lovers and, in this age of technology, followers. When people begin to like you, don't start counting them. Enjoy their company and do not think of them as status indicators. True people are there FOR YOU and treasure these people as themselves and thank them for being a part of your life.


  1. Here, here! Quality over quantity any day of the week :)

  2. Well said. Too many people have been trying to be famous for the sake of getting fame alone.

    I will be looking forward for more in the future.

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver

    1. True! Fame isn't everything and there is a lot more to life than just gaining it. :)


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