Saturday, July 14, 2012

Maximizing My Time and Money: Fully Booked Sale!

Having bought books on the previous sale in Greenbelt, my thirst for books was not sated.
Fully Booked (from their website)

 Thus, last July 11, 2012, another trip to Fully Booked was made and this time, I was not alone.

 I'm with my good friend Nicole and two of her friends ate Janna and Ace.

Me, Nicole and Ate Janna

Nicole, Ace and Ate Janna

And here are the books that I bought:


These were the ones that I bought in Greenbelt.

And these are from Bonifacio Global City:

Those two book sales that I attended were the best days of my life because I got to hang out with new people and search through countless books just to get these babies.

I'm very happy because not only did I get to buy books for a lesser price, but I also got to bond with new people and became friends with them as well.

The camera hidden under a stack of books :))


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