Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Not That Complicated. Or Is It?

Since I was really intrigued by this book, I decided to give it a try.

 SUMMARY (SPOILER. Don't read this part if you don't want to be spoiled of the story):
      The story is mainly about Intoy and how he copes when his girlfriend, Jen, left him. Jen, by then left Intoy because she was carrying his child but told Intoy that he was not the father. This left Intoy very heartbroken and his way of coping was to dedicate himself to his work but he did not associate with his colleagues. Then Tina, his boss, came into the picture. She handles the company's personnel profiles and speaks to them if she sees that there is something wrong with the particular employee. Intoy slowly develops a feeling for Tina and addresses it as his way of getting over Jen. However, Tina is giving him mixed signals: at times she praises Intoy but mostly, she teases him. When their relationship deepens, Tina reveals to Intoy that she is married. This left Intoy shocked but what shocked him even more is that Tina's partner is no other than Jen. The two women are in a same-sex relationship with Tina acting as the guy. Tina's reason for getting close to Intoy was revealed: she wanted Intoy to father Jen's children because Jen wants to have a child of her own and Tina cannot give it to her. This left Intoy very confused but in the end, the one that got pregnant was not Jen but Tina.

     So, what do I think of it? 

     Honestly, I like the plot of the story because it is not your typical win-your-girlfriend-back kind of story written in Filipino mixed with English words so as not to cause heavy blood loss due to deep Filipino words. The twist in the story is quite unexpected in my case because I never thought of that conclusion. For the characters, I really liked Intoy because you can feel the confusion and the anger he feels when the two ladies fooled him. However, the part I don't like about him is that he consented to the two, thus letting them use him like he is not a person who has freedom. But, in my opinion, Intoy consented maybe because primarily, he still loves Jen and second, he is starting to like Tina. However, this reason is not plausible because as a person, we should not use other people as means to satisfy what we want. Hence, what Tina and Jen did to Intoy is not just: just because he feels something for both of them doesn't give them the right to use him as a (excuse me for the word) baby-maker.  

     As the story progresses, the scenarios begin to baffle me. I read one review about it but I thought that maybe it won't be that bad. However, I never expected it to be like that! Due to its seemingly harmless cover, one might think that the story is the sort of cutesy one, but honestly it's not. In my opinion, this book is not meant for minors and for the faint of heart due to intense sensual scenes that may scar them forever. It was not very graphic however the details really tend to stick to the mind like tack glue and it left me nauseous. So, I strongly advise that you prepare yourself before you read this book. Honestly, I only read it because I thought that if I don't read it, my 200php would go to waste. If you are the type of person that doesn't get affected with such scenes, then go ahead. But for those that do, stay away from this book. I repeat: stay away!

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