Sunday, July 22, 2012

Heads Up And Hats Down!

Nakita ko na ‘to eh, kaso di na lang din ako nagsasalita. Pero dahil nabubuyset na ako sa inaasta ng mga Tomasino dito, eh ayan.
Guys, bata ‘to. At kung tatawagin tayong bobo, eh talagang gets ko kung bakit umiinit ang ulo nyo. Syempre na naman, sino ang gustong insultuhin ang Alma Mater nila, diba?
Pero yang pangbabash na yan at pagiinsulto sa kanya ng wala sa lugar? Guys, does it make you any better than her? Alam nyo na ngang nagiging immature sya about this, tapos papatulan nyo pa. ‘Yung totoo?
Pakita nyong di totoo yang sinasabi nyan. Makaasta kayo para nang pinapatunayan nyong tama sya eh.
At sa Thomasians pala siya nainis.

     This issue has been over and done for weeks ago but I must say, I'm hats down to the 13-year old girl because she was able to make nationwide rumble. Of course, a lot of university students were outraged but then again, what she did showed how some students tend to be immature for being wound up by such words from a thirteen-year old. I truly admire what she did because she does have the freedom to do that and she never backed down from what she said. She handled the issue with confidence and stood by her word. As for those who were deeply hurt by her words, they decided to ruin her life by making fake Facebook profiles of her which I think is very unwise because that action just shows what kind of attitude these people have. I don't have anything against the schools she may have attacked, rather I even admire them, and she's already sorry for the things she said, but when I see what the people have said to her, I really can't help myself but post this because if you weren't affected in any way at all, you wouldn't be responding to such words, rather, you would just talk to her about it.If she still continues on, it's not in your hands anymore because if you think about it, who would give credit, that those people from known universities suck, and believe the words of an ordinary thirteen-year old girl immediately?  


  1. From the was you put it, I can see that this is a very interesting blogpost. However, I do not understand what it is written above (Is it Tagalog? I tried using Google Translate, but I still could not understand a single thing).

    Mind translating (or at least explain) it for me? =)


    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver

    1. Yes, it's in Tagalog. The screenshot shows how the girl was belittling one of the top schools here in the Philippines and the bottom text is from a student of that school saying how we should not stoop down on the girl's level (who is very young). This issue though is already over. :)


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