Monday, July 30, 2012

Can We Hold On To This Thing Called Love?: Strangers Book Review

      I bought this book during the previous sale in Fully Booked The Fort branch for 50 php, which is really cheap, mind you. It's such a good steal right? However, that price really fits the book. If you are to read this, do not close your mind to things that may happen and judge the characters for what they have done.
     Everything was dark again, and he had an instant's recall of the hours they had clung together.
     They were taking her away now.
     Steve blinked up into the painful brightness of the light. 
     'Annie,'  he said. 'I love you.'
      This novel revolved mainly on the life of Annie as she lived her daily routine as a wife and a mother. During Christmas, as she was shopping, an unexpected bombing happened in the very store she was in and it collapsed around her. Luckily for her, another person named Steve is alive and he became her consolidation underneath the rubble and fear. Out of this incident, love bloomed between the two and it is up to Annie to choose between her family and her love for the man she shared this accident with.

      Annie is living the not-so-perfect but a good family life together with her husband and her two kids. As she was out doing some Christmas shopping, a bomb exploded in the shop she was in. A man named Steve was also trapped in the rubble together with her and in the darkness, their relationship developed as the two began sharing with each other their secrets, their lives, even the little things they do. Because of this, a connection was established between them, stronger and unexplainable than that of being friends. They were strangers trapped and yet became something more in the short space they were allowed to move, only their fingers being the source of comfort for one another.
      In my opinion, having someone as a companion especially in this kind of accident is good because they can be your source of hope and strength. What I don't get however is that both Annie and Steve fell in love with each other in just a short span of time. Maybe it's because they got to know each other so well that they suddenly developed that feeling however Annie should have stopped herself from being so because she is already married and a mother to boot. When she got out, she should have just told herself to remain only as a friend to Steve and to not develop her feelings for him. I was really angry at her because she already has a good life and yet she is up to the point of destroying it just for the sake of love. She is, in my opinion, a really selfish person because even though she did consider her children, she still left them to go to Steve, deceived and hurt her husband. 'Doesn't her ten-year marriage mean anything to her?' That line was always on my mind as I continued reading the book and even though I was really mad, I still decided to finish it. By the end, I'm glad I did  finish it because (SPOILER: highlight at your own risk) she decided to stay with her family and her husband, which I truly and really adore, welcomed her back.  
      The character that I loved in this book is her husband, Martin. He is such a good person that even though his wife cheated on him twice: first is before their wedding and the second is with Steve, he still accepted her and loved her. That sort of person is really rare and Annie should be thankful for having such a husband. In this book, you can really see the contrast between the personality of the couple. This stark contrast just shows how love can work and compensate for the deficiencies of the other.
      Come to think of it, this book also shows its readers how women are also subject to the same sin of infidelity as men and although it's quite hard to accept, we women are prone to doing the same stuff such as cheating as well. In my opinion, I think this book tells us that women should be forgiving, even though it is hard, and men should consider what it would feel like if their wives were the ones cheating on them. Overall, couples should not cheat the other because you've already given your entire self to the other, why search for other people to share your entirety with when you already have someone who will share it with you? 
      I'd give this book a 3.5/5 because for me, I really despised Annie's character. But why didn't I give it a lower rank? Well, Martin was the saving grace of this book because even though his wife cheated on him time and time again, he still held on to her and never let her go that by the end, she came back to him.       

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