Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bad Events in the News: What Can Be Done

One professor of mine once told our class:
If you want to start the day wrong, read/watch/listen to the news.
Of course, most of us laughed at his remark but if you really think about it, there is a certain truth to what he said.
When you look at the news, the ones that always make the headline are bad. From kidnap cases, death to corruption in the government and public offices, you would say that the world has nothing good to offer. Seriously, try looking or watching the news and the first thing you'd see are those topics I've mentioned before. Sure, people would want to be in-the-know, but do these people who manage what news go on air consider what the people would feel when they see such news, especially early in the morning? Sure, since news has been a part of our lives ever since communication has been developed, people have become callous as to what they hear or see. People who watch news today may just look at the screen, change the channel, then go back if one particular news interests them. The news' importance, I think, has been completely disregarded. In the first place, why watch the news? The news, in my opinion, serves as a medium for us to relate to what is happening across the world. But there is more to it than just that. The news, in a certain sense, has certain implications for the readers/viewers if you delve in deeper to it. Here are some of the questions that I've formulated with regards to hearing or seeing news:
  • Have you contributed to this issue?
  • Have you done anything at all to resolve this? Or have you made it even worse? (commonly seen in the case of government issues)
  • What will you do now that you have seen/heard this? Will you take action?
These are some of the questions that again, I think news implies especially when you tune in to international news such as CNN or your local news network. People only look at their screens, react to a certain horrifying news then either move on to another channel or remark to those nearest to him how tragic the event broadcasted and either go out of the living room to get something to drink or to start clicking his tongue that when excessively done, may start to annoy those that are nearest to him. Although these days, through the help of technology and the ever reliable internet, people now have a way of actually helping in the sense that they can inform those that can do something to counter the problem. Such programs are this:
This program can be seen in the Philippines where people text/post on any social networking site/upload a video and the report goes live. Then, it's up to those seated in high pedestals to decide whether they should act upon it or not.
Another program is this:
This program is quite similar to the one above but this time, they take action on the spot. They call the person being complained about and talk to him. In short: public ridicule and yet quite effective. Imagine your name being shown to the whole country and them calling you; who wouldn't be ashamed of their evil ways?
Here is another program that's been on for some time now and is one of the oldest shows I can remember that show police officers taking action.
With these shows that show how some do help in solving crimes, why is there still an endless stream of crimes present in our news? Haven't evildoers given up? Did they come to a decision that being bad is just so good, why stop?
Well, evil can never be eradicated in this world. Man is not perfect, hence he makes mistakes. However, I believe that man should not let these mistakes rule him. Man must be reminded that in this world, there is still hope for change. Since media is such an influential factor, should such shows depicting violence be stopped? Well, in my opinion, I think it shouldn't.
Man in a certain sense, was never evil from the start. He is influenced by his surroundings. However, nothing influences a person more than those people that are closest to him: his family.
What should the parents then do in order for their children not to go astray, then eventually turn bad?
The first thing they should do is to be always there for their children. When parents do not tend to their children, the care that the children should receive from their parents become absent. A child leans on his parents for support and as parents, they should give this to him.
Lastly, a child should know, with their parents guidance, what is good from what is bad. Going back to the former, a child needs guidance and the guidance that parents should give to their children should tend towards the good. Show the child acts of kindness, and later on, the child would follow.
Guiding the children properly throughout their lives helps them become better persons. But then, what happened to those people who always star the headlines due to their bad doings? Weren't they educated properly or they just did not use their freedom and intelligence wisely? The answers to these questions can only be answered by those people themselves. Media mirrors the environment at this age and from what we can see, it ain't that pretty. But since, we are living in this planet, the thing we can and must do is to guide the younger generation. No one started evil. Proper education is the key and yes, the news is important because a child need not be ignorant of what is happening to him. Rather, parents should guide the children and use media as a tool in order to tell their children what is good from what is bad and from then on, the child can pave the way towards a better civilization by doing what is good.

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